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Image by Hannah Busing


Donegal Philadelphia aims to utilize its resources and tight community to make a positive impact on communities near and far. Donegal Philadelphia's philanthropic efforts can be described as opportunistic. Whenever there is an opportunity to help, we are eager to make a difference. Click below to learn more about our impact.


Donegal Philadelphia's impact ventured further than most Gaelic football clubs when club members Joseph Cunningham and his wife, Alicia Barrios visited Paraguay in November 2021. The club and the Donegal Philadelphia community donated over a dozen kids Gaelic footballs, jerseys and other clothing that Joseph and Alicia would give to less fortunate Paraguayans on their travels. Currently, the club is planning a second trip to the South American country to support the community further. So, if you are ever in Paraguay and see a kid in a GAA jersey, it was most likely the impact of Donegal Philadelphia.


Do it For

Donegal Philadelphia members ran over 475km and raised $3,400 for the "Do It For Dan" campaign. The campaign was to raise money to fund a young boy's life saving surgery.

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